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Do You Want Your Child to So Intelligent? Checkout how to sharpen your baby's brain and food you should give him

If a child is brought up in the right way as he grows up, he will not go depart from it when he grows up.

From infancy to age five, the brain learns most about the brain.

Developing a child's brain during this time helps the child to learn in school and throughout life.

What a child learns at an early age (good or bad) will help regulate their brain development.

Different areas of the brain are the senses of how a child behaves which include language, walking, emotions, learning etc.

Ways you can build your child's brain

Research by shows many things parents can do to improve their children's brains.

This includes;

Allow your child to play in the open air (with grass)

A study by the University of Aarhus in Denmark found that children growing up in a green space had a 55 percent chance of developing cerebral palsy.

It is therefore important for parents to allow their child to play on the green plains.

This will help the child not to forget much in his life until he grows up.

Playing outside also helps to reduce the symptoms of a condition called Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The kind of brain game a child needs more than is a random type of game that is played in the open air.

These types of games include sandbox, jungle, woodcutting, grass playing.

Reach out to your child

This is the most important thing in building your child's brain as well as his or her mind because all he or she needs is to show him or her special love from the parents.

As creatures, relationships are inherently innate.

A study called ‘Harvard Life Style’ says that social interactions build health and happiness in life.

"You are the best toy for your child," said the psychologist.

Talking to your child, reading to him, holding his hand, and talking to him are good opportunities for children to learn.

Do not forget that as part of your child's life, he will learn many things by staying close to you.

Reduce their exposure to TV

Although a child can learn from technology, research has shown that it affects a child's thinking.

It is good to reduce the amount of time you give your child to watch technology and the kind of things he watches, because it kills their brains and you learn other important things.

How nice to teach the child?

Pediatrician Ngozi Orji says a child learns from what he knows to what he does not know.

This is why the teacher starts with what the children know and teaches them what they do not know.

He said some children learn from sports, some learn from photography, while others learn from their target.

He says it is not good to beat teens as you teach them, and some learn quickly while some learn slowly but that no child is too old.

When it comes to reading, children are more likely to remember books than computer or television.

Orji said that they studied more often than they did on the brain.

He went on to say that children learn more when they are taught by love.

What kind of food will help build a child's brain?

Nutritionist Amaka Ezeoke says parents should provide their children with food including;

Fish, nuts and seeds: They have good fats that help the brain to function properly.

Vegetables: They contain a substance called folate and vitamins that help in the reduction of dementia.

Fiber-rich foods: These types of foods help cleanse the heart and brain.

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