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Don't Be Deceived, Your Woman Doesn't Value You If She Does These 5 Things In A Relationship.

At a point in most relationships, one of the partner begins to lack Interest in the other, and start putting up certain attitudes which could leave you hurtful. When this happens, and you try your best to get things right but it doesn't work, the next option is to give him or space to know if the love we will reignite back again. Even if she pretends to love and value you, these acts she puts up will help you to know if she doesn't.

5 Things A Woman Will Do If She Doesn't Value You

1) When your partner suddenly begins to stop appreciating your efforts, no matter how good it is, she will never say thank you. This is a sign that she doesn't value you anymore, and probably isn't Interested in you again.

2) They don't talk to you for something bothering them, or seek your advice over their instincts. They take your education and knowledge for granted, they don't involve you in decisions they take, and you obviously become an object in their lives.

3) They don't discuss things with you before taking actions. This include fixing up a dinner with her family without pre informing you about it, then tell you on the exact day what he planned alone thereby leaving you indecisive as to whether to agree or not.

4) They stop asking about how your day, trip or work went. Instead of the usual how was work, or welcome home. They would ignore you as if you don't exist. This is another way of her taking you for granted. Even when she doesn't fix up outings for you both to spend time together, it's also a sign she doesn't value you.

5) Your woman doesn't value you if she cheats on you. If she doesn't care about your feelings, but prefers to hand out with her friends instead. Not caring about your feelings is a strong indication that she doesn't value you. Also, if she ignores your advances, it is a sign she takes you for granted.

picture of a lady not paying attention to her man while he is seeking for her opinion.

When you notice these attitudes in your lady, try to talk to her about it and know what her response will be.

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