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"Don't Give Babies Honey If You Don't Want These 3 Things To Happen To Them" - Doctor Advises.

A certain doctor has advised people not to give newborn babies honey as doing so may expose the newborn babies to certain dangers. He went on to give some reasons why it is not medically advisable to give newborn babies milk.
The doctor who is known on Twitter as Aproko Doctor with the username @aproko_doctor was responding to a question which was asked by another Twitter user. The person had asked the doctor about the implications of giving honey to newborn babies.

The doctor replied that newborns should never be given honey as it is dangerous for their wellbeing. Specifically, he stated that newborn babies who are less than one year old should not be given honey.

He said that newborn babies have no business with honey as they may get paralyzed if they are made to consume the product which is gotten from bees.

In his own words "Sometimes honey can contain a harmful bacteria that produces toxins that can cause muscle weakness,paralysis and breathing problems in babies... The issue is this, no one might suspect the honey is the cause, because its 'natural"'

According to the doctor, the three things that can happen to a newborn baby who is less than a year old if it is given honey are (1) weakness (2) breathing problems (3) paralysis.

He continued that the reason that adults don't face the same problem with honey is that their bodies are matured and have developed their natural defenses to prevent the growth of bacteria in the intestines, unlike a baby that is less than a year old.

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