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Drama As Tanker Drivers Blocked The Road After Police Men Beat Up Their Colleague (Details)

According to the reports and photos reaching us, Petrol Tanker Drivers have blocked the road with their tankers, they reportedly blocked Mayo Belwa - Jada road in Adamawa state this morning and motorists have been denied access to pass due to the way that they blocked the road. 

The main reason why these tanker drivers blocked the road is that Police Men Allegedly beat up one of the colleague after he refused to give them a jerry can of petrol.

These Police Officers on the road requested this tanker driver that was beaten up to give them a jerry can of petrol. The driver refused because he is only a transporter and dosen't have control over the petrol but it seems these Police Officers didn't believe him, they dragged him out and reportedly beat him to pulp. The news got to his colleagues and they retaliated by blocking the same road with their tankers, denying motorists access to pass.

See photos that were taken from the scene below
These Police Officers should be called to order, meanwhile, it is wrong for these Tanker drivers to block the road, they can easily call out these Police Officers rather than blocking a major road in Adamawa. 

They shouldn't use their own to disturb the people that are trying to pass the road.

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