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Ejike Mbaka: 'My enemies plot to kill me and shut down Adoration ministry'


Father Ejike Mbaka, has claimed that some of his staff have conspired with his enemies to assassinate him and close the Adoration and Aqua Rapha prayer. 

Mbaka started crying out three weeks ago because, he said, he wanted the world to hear his voice.

Mbaka cried out in a sermon he preached on Wednesday the 30th of September and his sermon on Sunday, the 4th day of October.

He said that he is surrounded by enemies, and he asked the church to pray for him because he was overwhelmed by temptation.

He also said he heard of a plot to assassinate him and closed his prayer house; as well as a text message sent to him confirming his death.

Mbaka also said he had informed Enugu Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and the police about the threat.

Mbaka said that what bothered him the most is that some of the people around him and his co-workers are among those plotting against him. 

Recall that in 2002, 14 people died in Adoration Enugu, when unknown individuals attacked those who came to pray.

This led to unrest, which resulted in many deaths.

Also, Mbaka has said in the past that he was attacked several times by criminals and shot, but he did not die.

That's why he sang the song he captioned "A na-egbu achara, ọ na-eto" and "ike m kwo aba mba" 

"A na-egbu achara, ọ na-eto" It's an Igbo proverb which means Am Unstoppable 

 "ike m kwo aba mba" which means Power i Boost Of

Last Sunday, Mbaka also said that a young man was arrested by the police for allegedly trying to kill someone at Adoration in order to implicate him. 

Mbaka told all the conspirators that he had given them one week to repent and come to apologize before God's wrath met them in full.

KINGSPARO.COM learnt that efforts by the BBC to contact the Enugu police were unsuccessful because their spokesman Daniel Ndukwe and Police Commissioner Ahmad Abdulrahman did not answer their phones.

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