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Father Stop! Bride Who Was Disgraced As The Wife Of Her Husband-To-Be Stormed Wedding Has Got People Talking

Some people are just so wicked and deceitful, they do things for their selfish gains not minding if their actions ruin the lives of others. A video of a bride who was disgraced after the wife of her husband-to-be stormed their wedding, has got people talking

The bride and the groom pictured below were saying their vows in front of the altar and at that moment, the bride must have been filled with ecstasy thinking that she was having the best day of her life. But her joy was cut short when a woman with a baby strapped on her back stormed the church, shouting 'father stop!'

Giving reasons, the woman said that the wedding must not continue because she was the legal wife of the groom and she had children for him. People tried to shut her up by asking her to leave the arena but she refused and instead called her other children to come to the alter

Furthermore, she revealed that she wasn't having any problems with her husband and she believed all was well with their marriage not knowing that her husband was making plans to get married to another woman, without her knowledge even though he didn't divorce her

From the video, her husband(the groom) was obviously embarrassed and couldn't even say anything and occasionally covered his face but the person who was hurt the most was the bride. The bride stood startled and unable to move one can only imagine the height of shock, and disgrace she was going through as her bridesmaid drew closer to comfort her

The video was posted on Instagram and people have been reacting to it

No one deserves to go through such humiliation. What do you think about this?

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