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Forget Electricity, See How to Charge Your Phone Using Salt and Water

I recently saw this on the Internet, so i said to myself why not share it with people so they can try.

Main looking at the pictures used in the tutorial, there is no harm in iteverybody can try it out. 

Below are the Stages on how to utilize water and salt solution to charge your smartphone without waiting for NEPA.

Materials Needed:

1. You Must Need a Charger

2. A pair Of Cup

3. Two Cups of Water(H2O) 

4. and your Smartphone.

Please You should Follow the Stage Gently.


First of all Get your Cup and Fill it with water (H2O).

Pour some great quantity Of Salt Into the water

Stir the solution with a Spoon till the Salt Dissolves.

Lastly, place the 2 aluminum ends of the charger and insert it into the solution.

Get your Phone and Plug the charger.

Now you'll be able to charge your phone With the solution without electricity.

You have any questions? Comment below, I will waiting to answer all questions. 

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