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Got Married in January, Back to my Father’s House in March, Is Marriage this Difficult?

We Got Married in January, I am Back in my Father’s House in March, is Marriage this Difficult?
My name is Joyce, I got married on 13th January 2018; it was a romance per excellence, he was so loving, so caring, so romantic, he is handsome with a nice job. Charles was my dream man but I have woken up to see the reality.

Our wedding was the envy of my friends, his committee of friends raised 9 Million nairas for us, in which he transferred 5 Million into my account two weeks into the wedding. I have never received more than 200k into my account at a go in my life, I nearly ran mad, seeing a 5 Million alert.

I spent like the daughter of Dangote, I was over myself, how I wish those days can return.

Our honeymoon took place in a 5-star hotel at GRA Ikeja. Because of the project he was handling in the office, we couldn’t leave Lagos, but I enjoyed myself still, at least for the first 3 days.

On the fifth day, I caught my husband smoking and sniffing. While we courted for 3 years, I never noticed this. Knowing this was the beginning of my problem for he beat me black and blue for challenging him.

We returned home two days later in malice and things have never remained the same. He brought his so-called committee of friends home to drink and in the company of girls.

They have s#x with the call girls in our sitting room, most time in groups, I picked five used condoms on a particular day after they had left and my husband was sleeping like a log of wood.

He banned me from going to church and he slept with me like a dog. He actually asked me to bark as he slept with me. He beat me, holding my mouth and he wants me to struggle. All these he never asks for when we were dating.

I left his house in the first week of March, he didn’t even ask about me until a few days ago more than three weeks after my departure. He is now begging me, his family says I should give him another chance.

“Give him another chance,” everybody is saying including my family. That chance may be the chance to take my life after taking his drug. The last night I slept in his house before running away he slept with me three times before day break after taking some drugs, this includes brutal anal sex. I was never his wife, I was his slave, his sex slave, how come everybody says I should go back there.

I am really confused, I know my life is in danger if I stay with Charles but I am the only one seeing this, please post my story and let people advise me, I can’t think straight, somebody help me, please.

Anita, PH

Dear readers to advise Anita on this issue, kindly drop your comments in the comment box below.

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