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Guys, These are 5 Ways to Know That Your Girlfriend Has Another Boyfriend

The dating game can be really interesting, especially when the two parties involved in the relationship actually love, trust and respect each other. It could even be more fun and engaging that it would grow into something more serious, probably even marriage. But sometimes, it could be depressing and disheartening, when you start to notice a trace of distrust and promiscuity in your girlfriend that you’re already committed to.

This article is to help you break away from that circle of obscurity, and get to know if your girlfriend has another boyfriend that is not you. If the following signs that I’m going to show you below are already been expressed by your girlfriend, you should know that there’s someone else, and that it’s time to bounce.

1. When She Doesn’t return your calls

This is too obvious, when your girlfriend is not picking or returning your calls, you should know that there’s a problem. Ladies don’t ignore someone they love and care about, until there’s someone else sharing that love and care with you. So, whenever she starts ignoring your calls, and she doesn’t have any substantial reasons for doing so, know that there’s a problem.

2. When she’s not giving you attention

When your girlfriend stops giving you her attention, and the only excuse that she has, is that she’s busy, then you should know that there’s someone else that’s taking all that attention.

3. When she won’t use your picture as profile picture

Another way of finding out if your girlfriend has another boyfriend that’s not you, is to ask her to ut up your picture on her profile, if she refuses, then you should know that there’s someone on her contact that she doesn’t want to know that she already has a boyfriend.

4. When She ends your chats with “k”

This is also something that most guys ignore, all in the name of it doesn’t really matter, when she starts ending your chats with k, you should know that she’s becoming uninterested in the whole relationship.

5. When she won’t allow you check her phone

There shouldn’t be secrets in a relationship, your partner should be able to trust you with her phone, which explains why you should be watchful whenever she starts hiding her phone from you.

All of these points should be taken into consideration, for you not to waste too much of your time on someone that doesn’t really care about you.


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