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His Birthday, I Bought Him A Gift, He Thought I Was Falling In Love Until I Did This Wicked Thing To Him

A twitter user identified as Valerie Chisom, aka 'a very wicked Igbo queen' on social media. Chisom takes pride in calling herself a very wicked igbo queen and she has just shown us why that title belongs to her.

The beautiful lady took to her twitter account (@miss_magnolia20) to narrate how a guy she was having a casual thing with started thinking she was loving up because of a gift she gave him on his birthday. What did she do to him as a very wicked queen ? Hear it from her mouth;

"I remember one time I was having a casual thing with someone. For his birthday I bought him a small shoprite cake, yunno, nothing special or fancy. Dude thought I was loving up. When I was done with the fling, I dropped him like a hot sack of potatoes. It was oddly satisfying".

I seriously pity the poor guy that experienced this act of wickedness and I am getting a little worried because under the comment of the above tweet, ladies were begging Valerie to teach them wickedness like this.

This is should give every guy sleepness nights. Knowing ladies are now ready to learn to use and dump us like a sack of potato. Other ladies came to hail her majesty and as you'd guess, guys weren't exactly happy under her comments.

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I pray i don't meet this kind of Lady 😢 

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