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Husband tells Wife’s lover to continue ‘eating’ her after catching them N a k ed (Watch Video)

A woman was recently caught pan ts down by husband romping with another man in broad day light.

In most cases, when men catch their wives or lovers pants down, they get physical and turn into dangerous animals and in some cases, the violence results to death.

However, there is this man who acted like a real gentleman after he caught his wife being chewed in a hotel room by another man.

He caught them right in the act stark n ak£d after trailing his cheating wife and setting up a trap for her.

Instead of causing violence, he divorced his wife on the spot and gave her side-guy permission to continue ‘eating’ the forbidden fruit in peace.

He told his wife that he will continue taking care of their kids  as his kids are more important than her and gave her permission to continue dishing out her flesh.

If it's you what will you do? 

See the dramatic video:

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