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“I can never get married to such a poor man like you! Our marriage is cancelled!”: My fiancé dumped me because I was poor

Three months ago, I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes. I was so happy and excited that we would finally have our own wedding and start a family together. We had dated for four years and everything between us was going so well.

I was not making much money at the time but I was optimistic that I would get a pay rise in few months and that I would have enough many to remain afloat. My wife-to-be on the hand was working as a hotel attendant and though she was not making much money, she was still doing okay and I was proud of her for the effort she was putting.

Our wedding plans kicked off almost immediately and I was so excited. However, three weeks to the D-day, my fiancée started acting very weird and distant. It was like she did not want me anymore in her life. She stopped accompanying me to the wedding appointments that we had as a couple.

One evening I went to her house to try and have a conversation with her but I was so shocked when I found her in the company of another man. She shouted at me and said she did not love me because I was poor and that she would marry the other guy.

“I can never get married to such a poor man like you! Our marriage is cancelled!” she screamed at me as I stood before her tears rolling down my face.

I went home feeling very hurt and ashamed. I could not believe that my wedding would not take place and worse that my girlfriend had left me. I called my sister to tell her all that had transpired after she heard my story, she told me not to panic since she knew a traditional herbalist who would make me rich and also bring back my fiancée through his spell-casting powers.

I called the doctor and he gave me an appointment the next day. I went and he cast the financial prosperity spell and also a love spell. He told me not to worry because the spell would fix all the broken parts of my life.

Two days later, I was given a pay rise and promotion at work for being a good employee. I went to announce to Facebook how rich I had become and many people congratulated me. My girlfriend also saw the post and she sent me a message begging me to take her back. I really did love her and so I decided to take her back.

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