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If You Are A Man, And You Still Do These 5 Things, You Are Slowly Killing Yourself

Some Men are slowly killing themselves without even realizing it. There are some certain things men do that put their lives at risk. If you're a man and you still do some of these things, please you have to stop it because they are dangerous. These dangerous things have become part and parcel to some men, I see how some men do these things every day, and I wonder if these men do not realize how bad these things are.

This article will enlighten you about some of these things, their causes, and effect. The truth is that, some people are not aware of the dangers and implications of doing those things alone. So if you're a man, and you still do these five things below, you are slowly killing yourself.

1. Smoking weed/cigarettes.

Smokers are liable to dye early. You are slowly killing yourself if you smoke too many cigarettes. Please reduce the intake of cigarettes, if possible, stop smoking entirely. Smoking alone can damage some vital body part like the liver, lungs and especially the heart. Try as much as possible to stop smoking, because it kills gradually without any suspicion.

2. Taking too much alcoholic drinks.

Unlike women, men are known for drinking alcoholic drinks a lot. Do you know why women live longer than men? It is because they hardly consume drinks that contain alcohol. Alcoholic drinks like beer is not bad, but please reduce the intake for at least twice a week.

Our body is not good at processing alcohol very well. Beer is one of the most consumed alcohol in the world. Though, it does not have too much sugar but it does have a lot of carbohydrates that eventually turns into sugar. Beer is also considered high on calories based on research. As a man, avoid too alcoholic drinks.

3. Gambling/ sports betting.

Gambling is a risky thing to do. Do not hope on gambling or any sports betting. Look for a better job, or learn a handwork. If you do not know how gambling works, please do not indulge yourself into it because it is addictive. I know a lot of people that have finished their lives due to gambling, and they still can not find their way out.

4. Too much in take of sugar, and sweat food.

Sugar is not good for the body system. Our body is not good at processing a lot of sugar. Avoid food or drink that contain a lot of sugar. Sugar is not bad, but please reduce the intake in other to avoid diabetes and weight gain. Too much sugar is dangerous, it kills slowly.

5. Investing a lot of money on a woman you're not married to.

Before investing huge amount of money on her, make her your wife. If you do not marry her before spending a lot of money on her, there is a possibility she will dump you at the end. If you do not want to be depressed all your life, do not invest a lot of money on her. You are killing yourself slowly if you still do this.

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