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If You Are Talking To A Girl And She Does Any Of These 10 Things, She Likes You

Unlike guys, most girls find it very difficult to tell a guy that they like him because of self preservation. Girls hates it when they are being taken for granted in any relationship they find themselves so they always reserve themselves whenever they are around a guy that they like in order not to appear too pushy.

However, there are some obvious signals and gestures girls give to show a guy that they are very well into him. Some of the signs are very obvious and others are not too obvious. It's only a guy who is very sharp and understands the lifestyle of women that can relate with these signals.

If you are reading this article and you are not too familiar with the signals girls give as greenlight to show that they like you, then you have nothing to worry about because i will be mentioning ten most important ones out of the numerous signals they give below. So pay a very close attention as you read through this article.

1] She Stands Very Close To You

If there is anything a girl cherish so much, that thing is her personal space. Most girls don't let their guards down easily because they are very vulnerable to harms so they are always at alert. But when a girl lets her guard down and come even closer to you during a conversation, then it could be that she likes you bro.

2] She Smiles At You And Looks Away.

Most girls are always very shy whenever they around a guy that they like a lot. So often times you will notice her stealing glances from you and smiling when you are not looking at her. The moment you turn towards her, she will quickly look away and pretend as if she wasn't looking at you. She likes you bro don't dull yourself.

3] She Touches You.

One way most girls break the touch barrier is by touching the guy that they like so much. Because they know that once they do the first touching, the guy will be motivated to reciprocate that touch. So she will touch you first because she wants you to touch her back. Women have some privileges men don't have in our society and they know this. It is very rare to see a guy touching a strange girl but girls are touchy free.

4] She Avoids Looking At Your Eyes.

Most girls are known to be the shy types whenever they are around a guy that they like so much. Some of them find it very difficult to look at the eyes of the guy when conversing with him. So when next you are talking to a girl that you are interested in, pay attention to her eyes and see if she is comfortable with you staring at her. If she is not, then there is a probability that she likes you bro.

5] She Ask You Lots Of Questions.

This is a very obvious sign that she likes you bro because it's only when you are interested in something, you tend to ask many questions as possible about that thing. So when a girl ask you lots of questions during a conversation, make sure you answer with joy and do not get bored and fed up because she likes you.

6] She Talks Differently.

This sign is not too obvious but it is always there if you are paying closer attention. When a girl is around a guy she likes, the sound of her voice changes and she tends to talk very gently and sexy too. The tone of her voice will become very low and sharp. For you to know the difference, you will have to pay attention when she talks to others and when she talks to you.

7] She Tells You That She Is Single.

Most girls are very discreet with their relationship status. They don't go about revealing it to anybody who cares to know because of self preservation. It's only when she agrees to date you, then you will just assume that she has being single all the while. But in a situation where she tells you openly that she is single and available, just know that she likes you and she wants you in her life.

8] She Breathes Faster.

This is another way to know that the girl you are conversing with has a connection with you. Most girls are very loud when they talk to other girls but immediately they come in contact with a guy that they like, they will just go mute and their breathe will become very heavy. This sign is not too obvious but if you pay closer attention, you might feel the vibration. She likes you bro!

9] She Plays With Herself.

Another way to know that the girl you are talking to is so much into you is that she plays with herself often when around you. Because your presence have made her short for words, she will unconsciously play with her hair by taking them backwards or bite her fingernails just to hide her feelings from you. Other times she will bite her lips or looks at you in a very strange way for few seconds. Don't dull yourself bro!

10] She Becomes Nervous.

Most girls are naturally nervous when around a guy that they like so much. This is because they always have mixed feelings and thoughts about what the guy may want from them. They also feel that the guy may just be too good to be true, or they may not want to love too much because they are scared of having the bad experiences that they have had in previous relationships. In this case, all she needs from you is an assurance.

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