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If You Don't Want To See Snakes And Scorpions In Your Area, Do These Easy Things

Snakes and scorpions are a weird looking animals, scorpions bite are very painful, but snakes are more dangerous to man, mainly due to the propensity to deliver life threatening bites to the human body.

Snakes and scorpion are beneficial in their own contribution to the ecosystem, they control several pests and insects but to us human being, we see them as disgusting and whenever our path crossed we always try as much as possible to kill them.

It's very important to keep your surrounding free of these animals, especially snakes because there are many people dying especially from snakes bite yearly.

There are many ways to keep your environment free of this harmful animals, check them out below.

They are both ambush predator, always ensure there is no gathering of leaves, abandoned woods, composts, anandoned pack of clothes,these are hideouts for this animal, ensure your yard is free of this.

Some specific plants or shrubs provides the perfect hiding spots for snakes, always keep your yards free of low grasses, because they harbour snakes.

Snakes will always hang around your surrounding if their is an available source of food for them like mice, rats and some insects, ensure you used insecticides and rodenticide on them.

A hole either tiny or wide is also a hideout for snakes and scorpions, ensure you close or fill up any hole in your yard no matter how small they look, because they harbour snakes.

Ensure your check any shoes you have abandoned for a long time before wearing them again, scorpion usually hides in them because they love cool places.

Levander, peppermint are essentials oils that deter scorpion, mix it well in a diluant as a carrier and spray along scorpion infested area.

Household bleach is also a very effective way to eliminate scorpion from you yard and it also kills spider.

Ammonia chemical has a very pungent odour and it drives snakes away.

Get a rag of cloth, soak it in ammonia and place it in a plastic container and place them in strategic area of your compound,whenever they smell it, they will leave and not come back again.

I hope you find this informating.

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