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If You Watched 10 Out of These 35 Old Nigerian Movies, Then You Are not a Kid Go and Marry

Despite the consistent revolution in the Nollywood Movie industry, there are still so many movies that broke record in the previous years. Movies that were massively loved and watched.

Nevertheless, new Nollywood movies are gradually taking over the old ones. Noticeably, it's mainly those who were born in 1990's and early 2000's that got the privilege of watching the old Nollywood Movies.

Many people didn't get to hear about the old movies talk more of watching them. But if you were able to watch 10 out of the 35 videos I'll be listing out, that means you were not born today and you also deserve accolades.

Below listed are 35 old Nollywood Movies. Check out the ones you watched whether it's up to 10.

(Heaven Must Shake) 

Whether up to ten or not. Which of these Nigerian movies was your favourite and which one of them would you like to watch again if you had the opportunity to do so?.

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