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Instead Of Calling Her Dearie Or Darling Every Time, Here Are 50 Cute Names For That Special Lady

Being in love with the right woman who will love, support and accept a man just the way he is, is one of the greatest desires of almost every man, and when a man comes across such a special lady or woman, such a man would go to any length to show his love and affection to the special lady.

While buying gifts for her, taking her out on romantic dates once in a while and other things are done as a show of love and commitment, it is also good to give such a wonderful and special lady a cute name or names that would always remind her that she is special to you.

While many Nigerian men are not the overt romantic type, giving her a romantic and cute name(s) could further help to endear her to you. So instead of calling her popular cute names such as 'darling', 'dearie', and so on, mixing it up a little would further make her feel she's indeed the center of your universe.

Below are 50 of such names that would surely melt the heart of the special lady and make her feel that she is indeed special to you:

1. Cinderella;

2. Hot-stuff;

3. Pumpkin;

4. Dove;

5. Daisy;

6. Peach;

7. Kitten;

8. Ruby;

9. Angel Baby;

10. Lucky Charm;

11. My All;

12. All Mine;

13. Rose;

14. Magic;

15. Heartbeat;

16. Cupcakes;

17. Pretty Lady;

18. Cuddles;

19. Sweet;

20. Dimples (if she has dimples);

21. Doll Face;

22. Babylicious;

23. Doodle Bug;

24. Gummie Bear;

25. My Precious;

26. Canoodle;

27. Cheesecake;

28. Firefly;

29. Cherry Pie;

30. Cutie Pie;

31. Lollipop;

32. Love Bug;

33. Baby Face;

34. Baby Doll;

35. Button;

36. Baby Cheeks;

37. Juliet;

38. Queen;

39. Lamb;

40. Dream Girl;

41. Cupid;

42. Baby Angel;

43. Angel Face;

44. Hottie;

45. Cherry;

46. Cookie;

47. Honey Lips;

48. Beautiful;

49. Summer;

50. Sprinkles.

We hope this would help to rekindle the love that special lady or woman has for you. 

Which one of these above mentioned names will you like to call your special one? 

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