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Irritating Things Married Men Do That Make Their Wives Cheat On Them

A marrige is no child's play it requires a lot of sacrifices for things to be smooth but majority of African man don't like giving their all to make their marriages blossom. They just being the head of the house. They always want to be in control and dishing out commands without considering the feelings if their wives thus provoking them to do regrettable things like cheating.

While it's common for married men to cheat and boast about it, many people don't ever imagine a married woman cheating. But the truth is that even the most innocent looking wife can cheat if her husband keeps doing these annoying things.

1. Never Having Time For Her

Loneliness have pushed many married women into the arms of another man. Dear man, making money is important but never make your wife feel lonely. Loneliness kills a relationship.

Marriage is not all about providing accommodation, food and expensive things for your wife then abandoning her for months all in the name of a business trip. By the time your wife meet a stranger online or bump into a long time friend that showers her with attention, She may fall and before she knows it, she is cheating on you.

Married men please don't starve your wife with loneliness or else another man will feed her with attention.

2. Any Kind Of Abuse

Abuse can occur verbally, mentally, and psychologically.It is not just the physical version, also known as "domestic violence. You might be the most gentleman on earth who doesn't hit his wife but she can cheat on you if you abuse her verbally or emotionally.

Using terrible words like "Good for nothing" , "Fat Fool " at the slightest provocation kills your wife self esteem and makes her cry silently. By the time she comes on the social media and some men shower her with sweet words, compliment and care, she might be tempted to explore something with this new person who makes her feel so good.

3. Not Shaving The Bedroom Engine

How does your bedroom engine look like? Bushy or neat? Many men think the shaving stick is only meant for women to be clean down there. Many women complian about their husbands bedroom engine and how much hairy and dirty it looks like.

Sometimes the hair down there would change from black to gray due to bad hygiene. This dirty habit can prompt your wife to hunt for fresher blood.

4. Starving Her In The Other Room

If you are not being intimate with your wife at home, don’t be surprised if she goes looking for it somewhere else. When your wife feels you no longer want her sexually, she may feel deprived and uncared for, causing her to cheat.

5. Cheating On Her

Many women tend to cheat on their husband in the name of revenge. Your wife can cheat because she wants to get back at you who might have cheated. She loves you but she is cheating on you to prove that she is still desirable.

Women what would you do if you found out your husband is cheating? Will you revenge by cheating on him?

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