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Is this Love? See Photos of a 47-year-old Woman Who Married a Teenage Boy

Photos of a 47-year-old woman has been trending online as lot of people have been reacting to it.

The say love is blind, love doesn't look at age as 'Age is Just a Number'.

But this one is too much if you ask me. 

The 47-year-old woman married a handsome boy who probably not upto 20 years old.

I have been arguing with my friends about this since yesterday, some say it's love, some say maybe they are betrothed to each other, while some there is something they are not telling us. 

I want to figure something out from this... Is this really love? I have an older woman whom am attracted to but am giving her '10 miles' because of the age difference. 

What's your opinion on this kind of marriage? See more photos below:

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