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Is this True love or What? - See photos of newly wedded couple which got people talking

Every Human irrespective of their age, Educational status, gender, desires to build a good relationship, as well as 'live happily ever after'. Well, the truth is you can't blame the Heart for always being blind when it comes to love. The human nature itself is unique in such a way that, What a certain society finds to be a Taboo or Forbidden, Another society appreciates and Accept them.

However, Below is photos of couple which caused several reactions on Facebook. The photos shows a newly wedded couple with extreme Age Difference. The photos sparked several reactions as users wondered what would make a young lady probably in Her late 20s marry a man who's old enough to be her Grand father or maybe great grandfather. Many internet users guessed it might be true love, while some solely believe it's probably because of the man's Wealth.

 Check out the photos of the newly wedded Couple below

Here are a Few Screenshots of Reactions from various social media users

 What do you also think about this couple, leave a comment let's know your thoughts!

Do you think this is an act of Love? Or otherwise?

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