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Is Your Mummy Single? - People React to the Photos of a Mum and Daughter that Went for Protest

The ENDSARS Protest wasn't just the time for people to protest alone about what they found uncomfortable in the Police force and our economy in general but a time too for people to meet new friends, bond together and also socialize. Some already met their partners there while some think a relationship can start with whom they may have met on the protest ground or on the streets of social media. But in all there, some people really met each other while others are still hoping to.

Some ladies went alone and came back with guy's contacts, some went with their siblings, friends and even one of their parents that looked quite young and strong enough to Protest for what they believe its going to be for the benefit of the present and future generations.

A lady by name @Siamondey_ has shared a lovely photo of she and her mother after the protest today. She captioned it 'Proud of My Mother' but on a closer look, one would find it difficult differentiating who is the mother and who's the daughter as they both looked very young and beautiful in the photo.

See below:

This got some people after showering accolades on her and especially her mother started asking if she's single perhaps they could fill in as her husband while some others were asking for their uncle in a funny way.

See reactions below;

No doubt, the woman is still young, strong and beautiful and we appreciate her for having time to come out and protest for the betterment of the country. For others asking, 'no lose focus on the real deal people are into'

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