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Just because I said NO doesn't mean you should go and date someone else' - Lady warns

In our society, there are some perceptions men have about women when it comes to dating or relationship, though no biblical verses or laws that affirm those things but they are traditionally rooted in us!  

Firstly, the idea of men asking women out or men wooing women first. In our society, it has become a taboo for a woman to ask a man out first. We see it as something that goes against the tradition of the society!

Secondly, the idea of women not saying YES on time. It has become a norm and natural that men should keep pestering women before giving in! Funny enough, we believe that it is a must a lady shouldn't give in for the first time. Infact, if she does, she is automatically a whore!

Waiting for a lady to say Yes could take some days, months even years it depends how individuals can ensure the lady's attitude. Some ladies believe that waiting time would them know if guys are serious or not. No wonder, the so-called 'serious people' never give up bombarding!

I think those guys that can wait will find this Hausa lady's statement interesting when she said there is no need to date another girl because she says NO. She maintained that the guy should wait for her!

She said: "Just because I said NO doesn't mean you must go and date someone else. Wait for me, I know what I'm doing."

Well, for me, how can I be there waiting for your reply which might even take 3 months, years or more? There is nothing wrong in waiting but there should be specific of time to which I can wait. Of course, I can't wait till eternity!

But if you insist, that means you have your own target which differs from mine. You can't be using me to experiment your targets!

If you apply for a job and you don't get it, will you wait for it and refuse to look for another job?

Let's know your thoughts and reactions to this lady's post

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One Comment

  1. She might be right, but you girls have to understand that been a good guy is not written on the face, give it a chance while you make your findings.


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