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Ladies, These are 5 Quality Men Look For In A Woman Before Proposing Marriage

Critical things men look for before proposing to a lady are :

(1)Appearance and Good look: Though appearance and looking good might not totally keep a marriage, but is one of the first things men see in a lady before making a move, though some women after the marriage they focus less on their look and appearance that makes some men cheat.

(2)Truthfulness: men look for ladies that are truthful and sincere, a little lie can ruin everything, some of the things men look for in a lady before proposing marriage is the truth, not laying.

(3)Neatness: Men love ladies that is neat and that can keep the neatness, even in marriage, men watch so carefully for neatness before they can propose.

(4)Supportive: Men look for ladies that can be supportive, men know marriage is not like a bed of roses, things can change, finance might be down, the job can be lost, so men look for ladies that can be of support In a time like that.

(5)Good character: Men know what a good character means in marriage, men know the children will spend more time with their mother, and know man want a bad character woman to raise their children, so a good character is one of the things men look for before proposing marriage.

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