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Ladys, If You are Doing These 4 Things You Are Chasing Matured Men Away

Some ladies possess bad habits which makes some men to run away. Are you one of the needy ladies that men avoid? Dating a needy lady can be very frustrating for men, and the moment they see your first sign of neediness, they are quick to pull away

1. Not given him the right respect he deserves

Some ladies lack respect for their men, they always take things common, thereby not given them the adequate respect they need, such habits drives men away

2. Not making out time for him

Some ladies don't have time for their men, they are always busy with nothing, when you are always there for him, he will always have you in mind and will not turn his back on you, but am not advising you to always be in his house but always be there for him when he needs you

3. Cheating

One thing that pains men most is cheating, that is going from one men to another, not standing for one person, it really chase men away. So if you really love him stand with him in any situation and make him understand that you are his one and only

4. You get easily jealous

Even if your boyfriend is just checking out the Porsche across the street, you freak out, accusing him of ogling other girls

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