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Learn How To Make Cake With Pot Instead of Oven At The Comfort Of Your Home

CAKE Ingredients :

1.Like 3cups of flour
2.Egg(like 7 )
3.Baking powder(one teaspoon)
5.pinch of Nutmeg
6.Milk(one sachet)
8.Sachet Butter(Any kind)
9.Teaspoon of flavour(Any kind)
10.3 teaspoon of Brownie

How To Bake Your Cake

1.You first take a bowl, put your flour, add your baking powder,and nutmeg

2.Take another bowl, break like the egg in the bowl, add your brownie, put small alcohol(like teaspoon of sachet Chelsea drink),then whisk .
Do the mixture with a strong spoon of straight and smooth wood used in the kitchen.

3.Take another bowl, mix your butter and sugar together,leave a little butter that you’ll run in the pan

4.Then turn your egg, brownie and alcohol mixture inside your bowl of butter and sugar.

5.Mix gently and smooth, then turn your bowl of flour,nutmeg and flavor in the bowl of butter too

6.Mix everything together and now that’s your cake

7.If you don’t have cake pan, you can take any small aluminum pot, rub your remaining butter all over the pot, then turn your cake mixture in it

8.If you don’t have oven, just get a bigger pot, put white sand,then put granite on top of the sand, put enough granite that will cover the sand.

9.Put your mixture on top the granite and carry on top of your gas cooker or stove.

10.Leave it for 20mins to be well done
Note :Always check, do not high your gas so that the cake will not burn quick,after that, your cake is done.


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