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Meet The Body Builder Who Carries His Heart In A Bag Wherever He Goes (Photos)

It is very good for someone to be grateful to God in whatsoever conditions you find yourself, life is worth celebrating. 

Whenever you find yourself in a condition that makes you complain about this and that, just remember that there are people who are facing a more terrible condition than you, but they are living life happily.

Life is worth celebrating, and this man named Andrew Jones is a confirmation of this fact. When there is life, there is hope.

It is a perfect gift to wake up every day having our internal body organs unharmed and functioning well without any inconveniences.

Andrew Jones is a health fitness model living in the United States, he goes everywhere with his heart daily inside a bag. He was discovered with an extraordinary heart ailment known as ”Cardiomyopathy,” which made him weak to a point where he wasn't able to walk.

Andrew Jones presently walks around using a synthetic heart which is attached to 2 batteries, and he carries them along with him wherever he goes. He also charges those batteries just as the way we charge the battery of our phones every day.

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