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Meet Dennis Avner, the Man Who Underwent 14 Surgeries to the Look Like a Cat (Photos)

Wonders indeed shall never end, was the first thing that came to my mind when I came across Dennis Avner story. How far can a man go to prove a point? So many questions came into my mind when came across his story on social media .

Dennis Avner was born in August and 27,1958 in whildbey Island, Washington and USA. He was so obsessed about cats that he wanted to look like one (female tiger). He did fourteen surgeries to alter his face for this aim. He tattooed the his face, split his lip, reshaped his ears and wore a tail. 

He eventually got died at 54 years old in the year 2012.He committed to suicide before his dead he held his hand a world record for "most permanent transformations. He story is quite strange and disturbing but it's true. 

What will make a man to subject himself to such pains and end up committing suicide? Indeed the world is made up of people with different personality and perspective about life. 

Below are the photos of Dennis Avner.

Image credit: Pinterest

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