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Meet The Man Who Claims To Have Lived Without Food And Water for 70 Years

Prahlad Jani Who is also known as Mataji was an Indian breatharian monk who claimed to have lived without food and water since the year 1940.

Prahjad Jani said the goddess Amba of Indian sustained him. Several public appearance and media investigated him, however the findings of the investigation has been viewed with skepticism and kept confidential.

Let's take a look at the biography of Prahlad Jani, here are some things you need to know about the man who claims to have lived without food and water for 70years

Prahlad Jani was given birth to on the 13th of August in the year 1929. In Charada, A Village in British India which is now known as Mehsana district, Gujarat, India. Prahlad Jani revealed to have left his home when he was at the age of (7) seven to live in the forest (jungle).

When Prahlad Jani was at the age of 12 he underwent a spiritual experience and became a follower of the Hindu goddess Amba. Since then, he chose to dress as a female devotee of Amba. Prahlad Jani wears a red sari like garment, jewellery and shoulder-length crimson flowers on his hair. He was popularly known as Mataji (Manifestation of the great Mother) He believed the Goddess provided him with food and water through a hole in his palate, which allowed him to lived as a hermit in a cave in the Jungle in Gujarat.

Prahlad Jani died on the 26th of May in the year 2020 at his native Charada. He was grant Samadhi in his Ashram at Gabbar Hill near Ambaji on the 28th of May 2020. He died at the age of 90.

Dr. sudhir Shah who is a neurologist at the Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad, India. Conducted two studies of Prahlad Jani, one was in the year 2003 another one in 2010. An Observational studies and and imaging study.

The investigator confirmed Prahlad Jani ability to survive healthily without water and food during the testing period. Although the study wasn't submitted to a scientific journal.

The DRDO spokesperson reported that the study finding would be " Confidential" Until the results were accepted. unconcerned doctors and other critics have questioned the validity of the studies which they stated their belief that, people can survive for days without food or water. But not possible to survive for years.


Do you believe a human being can live for Years without food and water?

Can you live without food? 

Drop your opinion in comments section and also share with your family and friends. There is love in sharing.

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