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Meet The Queen Of The Dark Who Was Told To Bleach Her Incredibly Dark Skin By Uber Driver

Africa ladies after mostly recognized for their dark skin which is one of the factors behind their beauty. You must have heard people say "Black is Beauty", truth be told black beautiful girls always standout among their groups home and abroad.

Most ladies feel ashamed to flaunt their natural black skin which have lead to them bleaching their skin, well it worked well for some while the reverse was the case for others who also attempted it.

Permit me to introduce to you Nyakim Gatwech an American model of South Sudanese descent. The 27 year old model who is known for her naturally dark skin color and has been nicknamed the Queen of the Dark have been teaching people not to be afraid of the dark skin. She have been breaking down the barriers of conventional beauty and also encouraging others to do the same.

In 2016, an Uber driver suggested she try ‘bleaching’ her skin implying that her deep complexion was nothing to love.

Her journey so far to become who she is now wasn't a smooth one but today she is celebrated home and abroad for her dark skin. Checking some of her lovely pictures.

What do you have to say concerning her beauty?

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