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Meet The Woman Who Spent More Than £40,000 Just To Look Like a Dragon

The human mind is mostly geared to always follow success. There is a popular saying that goes like this ' Success is a friend of all'. When one is successful, people are naturally attracted to that person which is why we are all in a race to attain success in any way possible.

The human system work together in a coordinated way to bring coordination in the things we do. Even though the brain occupy less than 2% of the body chemistry, but It has a large and gigantic work to do.

According science, the intelligent quotient (IQ) differs from human to human, people like Albert, Charles Hawking, Isaac Newton just to mention a few are known to have high IQs.

It is rampant amongst us to read and easily forget, our brain process lots of things; from music, to the things we see, the nonsense we hear people say, and a whole lot of other stuffs.

But unfortunately, most times we tend to forget things alot, have your brain failed you in examination halls, or in any place that you needed to remember stuffs. I have an important way to make you feel better.

Adopt the 50/50 reading pattern, where you read 50 percent of the time to read and the other 50 to explain what you have read. This Wil help you to assimilate what your have read more. The easiest way to know if you have digested whatever thing you have read is if you successfully teach or transfer the knowledge to someone else.

Finally, remember sleep is also a great way to rest the brain, after the reading and teaching, you need to sleep to relax the brain.

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