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Must Read: 7 Ways To Stop Being Taken For Granted In A Relationship

It's unfortunate to sometimes found ourselves being taken for granted in a relationship. I'm sure most peoples reading this can relate to feeling being used one time or the other.

We sometimes invest too much in a relationship when we suppose to take things simple.

If you're feeling like you're taken for granted and want to regain your respect. Here is how to go about it.

Speak Up

Your partner is not a mind-reader if you don't tell them the way you feel, they might not know you're feeling bad - talk less of finding solution to the problem of you feeling taken for granted.

The first step is to speak up.

Don't Pay Them In Their

When you feel taken for granted, don't repay your lover same way. If you do this, leaving room for you two to drift apart (except that's what you want) - Don't take them for granted.

Watch Your Actions

Sometimes, we are the cause of our feeling of being neglected. Watch your emotions and actions - are you doing too much? Are you doing things without being asked?

Put Yourself First

Endeavour to cater for yourself first (don't neglect them) just see to it that you take care of yourself first. Always put your needs first. If they ask you to do something for them - don't do it immediately. First take care of your needs before theirs

Say No

Don't only oblige to their request. Deliberately say NO sometimes. If you're able to do this, they'll take the hint you're trying to pass (they'll sit up and prioritize you)

Set Limit

Aside saying no sometimes, put limits to what you can do for them. Set your limit and inform them about it. You should also include your reason of not wanting to do those things.

Allow Them To Ask

Make sure you're asked to do something before doing them - this way you'll be much more appreciated, unlike when you go ahead to do things without being asked.

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