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My Brother Is Like A Pest To Me, I Threw Him Out Of My House, Read My Story Before You Judge Me

For about 15 years now, I have been supporting my cousin who is 5 years older than me. He is an orphan and I'm also an orphan.

I supported him through 3 years of college of education, paying his school fees from my salary and giving him a monthly allowance. Because i finished early and got a job and also started my business too on the side and still supporting my sister who is now married.

I am married too and business is fine .But since his graduation over 12 years ago, he has not worked for even half a day. He has this big dreams of becoming a Pastor. I have been paying his accommodation after I forced him to leave my house thinking it would ginger him to find a job, any job at all but he has refused.

I am tired of bearing his burden and I told him that if he doesn't get a job, I won't pay his rents. He threw my words to the wind. Right now, I have other responsibilities and I don't think it is fair that I continue to look after a man who is almost 50 years old. His rents are expired and his landlord is threatening to send him out.

I have stopped picking his calls. Am I wrong?

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