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My fiancee slapped me in front of his parents barely a month to our wedding, what should I do?

Dear readers, kindly read this story sent to KINGSPARO.COM to be published by one of our readers.

Besides, this is not a story to be enjoyed only, it is posted for you to learn one or two things from the dilemma that the young woman has found herself.

Please, I need your advice, my fiancee slapped me in front of his parents during an argument.

Just a month now to our wedding after seven months of courtship and the journey which started on a good note is about to crash. 

As we are preparing for our wedding, Jide and I decided to visit his family in Ogun State. It was during the visit that I saw one of the greatest shocks of my life.

As we were discussing the wedding preparation with his parents, I raised a suggestion that we should call for the service of a caterer so that everyone will be well served. As I tried to justify my point by using my friend’s wedding experience where her in-law claimed that they were not served food during the wedding reception because it was my friend’s family and friends that were in charge of the food.

As I was still talking my husband jumped at me saying all manner of things, things I never expected from him. He said I was indirectly insulting his family and that I even had the gut to say that in his presence. 

Just as I was trying to explain to him that I didn’t mean what he insinuated he gave me a slap on my face and before I knew it the second one followed, and then, his father held his hands.

His parents started begging me and saying that I shouldn’t have said what I said. He also begged me to forgive him promising he will never do such again.

His mother even claimed that he his just like his father, he can do anything in an argument. She said I should learn how to always keep mute doing argument. 

I begged his parents and also told him that I’ve forgiven him.

Though I knew that Jide is hot temper but I can’t believe he can beat me.

I have not discussed this with my parents but I’ve shared this with my friends. Some said it was a mistake that I should continue with the relationship and marry him while others said I should leave him now that we have not married, that if he can beat me in courtship then he is capable of killing me in marriage.

I love Jide, and at the same time, I don’t want to suffer in marriage. 

Please, what should I do?

Sade, Lagos

Dear readers to advise Sade on this issue, kindly drop your comments in the comment box below.

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