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My Wife Is The Reason Why My Marriage Is Still Strong After 17Years- Ramsey Nouah

His name is Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah born to a Lebanese father and a Yoruba mother. While he grew up in the solitary hands of his mum alone, Ramsey Nouah have gone ahead in life to put his name in list of legendary actors to ever come out of Nigeria.

Ramsey Nouah who is a very handsome actor is known for acting romantically involved kinds of movies. For so many ladies, he is the perfect definition of the "ladies man". 

Ramsey Nouah while he must be a good actor is also a good husband to his wife and a good father to his kids as he tries to balance work and family. 

While a lot of people may not know, Ramsey Nouah has been married for over 17 years to the beautiful and delectable Emelia Philips- Nouah. Together. The couple have 3 children in between them(2boys and 1 girl named Quincy, Camil and desiree Nouah). 

As a lover boy that many knows him to be, many would have thought the actor might never be able to balance the influx of woman and his marital relationship but it came as a surprise to many that the handsome actor all through his marriage had led a scandal free union with is wife. 

While speaking on his wife, marriage and kids, Ramsey disclosed that his wife Emelia is the reason why his marriage is still together and going strong after over 17 years of bring together as husband and wife. 

For Ramsey, contrary to the widely held beliefs that marriage depends on a woman a lot of women are not ready to make such sacrifice and all they do is want a 50-50 marriage investment which has led to a lot of broken home. 

He disclosed that his wife belongs to the category of olden days women who believes that a woman must be in charge of the home and take a lot of responsibility and sacrifices. 

While praising his wife he disclosed that her believe to hold on to the marriage and keep it going is the main reason why they are still together and strong as lovers and life partners. 

For this, the actor reveals that he doesn't even need to give her any respect in the home because she owns the home and her decision is always final in every issue. 

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