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Nigerian Youths are Kids - Desmond Elliot Says (Watch Video)

The trending issue in Nigeria is enacting a law that will regulate social media as the Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed said that Nigerian youths used social media to share fake news during the End SARS protest for allegedly claiming that news of death of protesters were seen on social media which he addressed as being fake. A lot of people in government have spoken concerning the social media bill, with some supporting it and others saying a No to it.

In a recent development, a Lagos State Lawmaker who is member of the Lagos State House of Assembly and Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot has reacted to the social media bill as he said it has a negative impact on the youths.

The lawmaker who was angry addressed Nigerian Youths as children as he said they stormed social media to insult those in government during the End SARS protest, adding that it is wrong for them to insult those in power. Desmond Elliot after addressing the youths as children also said that he does not blame them, but the government who gave them the effrontery to do that.

He deviated from the social media bill and lend his voice on the attack of the Palace of the Oba of Lagos, adding that they had the effrontery to stormed his palace knowing fully well that he is a traditional ruler who can lay curses on them. He added that if the government continue this way by given the youths the opportunity to insult them, there will be no Nigeria in the next five years.

He also said that the youths who engaged in a peaceful protest should not deny those looters and thugs that destroyed properties, adding that they are also youths and they are all the same.

Desmond Elliot told the youths never to complain about the government and that if they are tired of the way they lead them, then they should come and join them in government.

He also called on celebrities and social media influencers to stop the hatred so that they will not be deceiving youths.

Watch video: 

See How People Reacted

Is Desmond Elliot not a youth, and if he said the youths are children, what then is he? Like, share and drop a comment.

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