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Nigerians Are Funny! After President Buhari's Speech, See The Funny Things They Posted On Twitter

Nigerians are very funny, there is no how you will go online and not see anything that will make you laugh most especially on Twitter. 

Well after president Buhari's speech, some people took to their Twitter account to post pictures of them, after they had photoshopped themselves in Canada and other countries. 

Some of them even photoshopped themselves with popular Aladdin mat and even Harry potter's broom. They are willing and eager to leave the courty but they are not financially stable making them to result to these method of photoshopping themselves. 

Nigerians are funny: See screenshot of the funny thing they posted on Twitter after President Buhari's speech. 

On seeing what they posted on Twitter after president Buhari's speech, what do you think? Honestly they are very funny.

Nigerians are honestly funny.

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