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Nobody rules forever - See how lions look when they are very old and vulnerable in the wild

Lions are a symbol of pride, leadership and bravery but people don't actually talk about how hungry they are when they are young and how vulnerable they are when the are old, very old. Lions are seen as the Kings of the jungle but they do not rule forever, lions are born, lions get old, lions die and this is to show and tell you that no one leaves forever.

When a lion gets old, life becomes very difficult, feeding becomes tough, the strength to hustle for food is absent and most of the time, this hunger is what leads to their death. All the admirable panashe, the gallant steps as they walk, the unmatchable power, the confident speed is all gone and the only thing seen is bones, little blood, old age, skin, scars from battles and finally dead body. This is why many people don't pray to live for too long.

The lifespan of a lion in the wild is about 14 years but when they are in captivity in zoos or as pets, they can live up 20 years. All that a lions needs too keep going is meat and more meat. The lion can eat up to 10kg of meat while the lioness can eat up to 6kg.

Even though the maximum lifespan of the lion in the wild is about 14 years, they hardly live for more than 10 years because of hunger. At that age, because of lack of food and strength, they become very vulnerable to even animals like hyenas who cannot stand them in their prime.

When these old lions get old, they often succumb to injuries resulting from animals, human or even other lions who want to invade their pride.

Lions rule but they end up feeble too just like humans and either get killed or die of hunger.

Have you seen a lion in this state before?

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