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Opinion: Pst. Adeboye's Warning to President Buhari Might Result to More Conflict in Nigeria

Pastor E.A Adeboye is the man of God I respect so much in Nigeria. He is different from others and is known for being very humble and God-fearing. 

He is different from other pastors and is known for preaching holiness. He is the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. This church has above a thousand parishes in Nigeria and also other parts of the world. He is happily married and have been seen with the president in different occasions.

Below is a picture of Pastor E. A Adeboye and president Muhammadu Buhari:

It was reported by some famous websites and newspapers in Nigeria that Pastor in our nation Nigeria.

Below are some few reasons why I said that this statement of his might result to more conflict in Nigeria:

His followers: We all know that Pastor E. A Adeboye has a lot of followers and this world of his might encourage those of his followers who want restructuring or split up. The warning he gave is not a bad one but some of his followers might use this as an advantage to press on for break up. We all know that some groups like the IPOB and others are hungry for things like this. I think this will be a form of encouragement to them all.

Risk Unity: This statement of Pastor Adeboye will risk the unity of our nation. We all know that different parties are trying to share this country apart but President Muhammadu Buhari has been trying his best to make sure we are one. Instead of Joining to make sure that we are one, we are speaking against him. This Pastor Adeboye statement will bring more division to the nation instead of unity.

We all know that the president is doing his best to make sure the country is at peace and United. He sends soldiers to fight Boko Haram, He makes sure that police and other security agencies stop any form of protest that is against the law. He has proven to be a president indeed. Instead of speaking against him and his actions, it is better we encourage him. Nigeria can be a better place again if we can support the president. Speaking against him will lead to more harm than Good. I pray we will all take note of this.

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