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People Living In Lagos, Oyo, Jos, Kwara, Osun, Cross Rivers, Take Note Of This Vital Information

If you're living in Lagos, Oyo, Jos, Kwara, Osun, Cross Rivers, you need to listen to the advice senator Shenu Sani gave concerning the Covid-19 palliatives that was found in the above mentioned places.

Invasion of warehouses is currently rocking states across the country, people are not hesitating to invade governed warehouse what Covid-19 palliatives were store. Even though nobody understands why some state government are hoarding it.

People of Lagos, Oyo, Jos, Kwara, Osun, Cross Rivers, Abia, And Taraba wasted no time in visiting and carting away the relief materials. Some were even aided by the Soldiers they met at the various warehouses.

Senator Shehu Sani is not against the act as he believes that the palliative belongs to the people in the first place. His only advise is that people should endeavour to check the expiry date of the foodstuffs they carried. Food like rice, noodles and spaghetti have expiry dates.

Do you think he's right by giving people this advise instead of correcting them for the looting?

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