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Please Don't Do These 5 Things, It Damages Your Brain

The human brain is the powerhouse of the body. The brain contains the cerebrum, which is the uppermost part of the brain containing major lobes, which are responsible for receiving and giving meaning to information within the brain.

The cerebrum happens to be one of the complex and biggest organs in the human body, containing never associated with over billions of neurotransmitters.

Without the brain the human body cannot function effectively, it directs all the body senses and helps the mind in coordination. However, there are some daily practices we involve in that damages the brain unknowingly to us.

1. Deficient Sleeping or Lack of Sleep

Naturally, having lack of sleep tires out the body. It destroys the bodybuilding tissues that work all day long.

However, it also causes damages to the brain by impairing its functions, causing memory loss and unstable decision making. Nonetheless, engaging in effective sleeping helps to improve memory.

 2. Cigarettes Smoking

Many smokers know the fact that smokers are liable to die young. It is body written in the cigarettes pack.

However, according to research, a certain compound found in tobacco provokes white blood cells which are found in the central nervous system to attack healthy cells.

This causes severe neurological damage in the brain. To avoid this, slow your smoking rate or quit totally.

 3. High Consumption of Sugar

Generally, high sugar consumption or excessive sugar (over the top consumption) in the human body is harmful. However, elevated sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream can be harmful to the brain.

This may result in slow cognitive function, deficits in memory (memory loss) and loss of focusing attention. To stop the damage sugar causes, avoid high sugar level food and excess consumption of it.

 4. Using of Earpiece, Headset or Headphones Loudly for Music

The use of this damages the nerves in the brain, thereby leading to ear loss. This occurred as a result of the electromagnetic waves the headphones generate thereby causing problems for the brains, leaving behind long term effects.

It also causes withdrawal of insulation from the nerve fibres which carries signals from the ear to the brain. To avoid such damages, desist from using loud earphones for music.

 5. Insufficient or Low Level of Water Intake

The body needs water to function generally. Water makes up to about 90 per cent of the human blood. More so, if the water level in the body is too low, the brain cells cannot function effectively, which in turn leads to cognitive problems.

Furthermore, the brains of dehydrated adults show signs of high neuronal activities when carrying out cognitive engaging task according to research.

To cushion such effects, drink water regularly when feeling dehydrated or take water up to 3 glass when you wake up on an empty stomach.

NB: These are common things we do and engage in. Smoking, use of earphones, intake of the high level of sugar, lack of sleep due to activities or lifestyle and low level of water intake. 

They all have high adverse effects on our brains.

They also all add up to human health if not properly attended to, while some of these stopped.

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