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Power In Charm: Soldiers And Agbekoya Clash In Ibadan

I can't still believe that bullets charm still exists in this present generation I always heard it and eavesdrop those stuff of words from people that, a person can be shot severally without been penetrated by bullets as a result of spiritual impediment against any human made harmful substances, either guns axe, knife or cutlass.

In Ibadan eight arrested as Soldiers and Agbekoya security group of Yoruba Land was seriously facing the military men with gunshots, this happened in Oyo State Secretariat according to the eyewitnesses who explained everything thoroughly from A-Z about how the incident happened to the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN), Oyo State chapter.

He said; this happened at the admittance of Oyo state Secretariat in Ibadan this incident happened around 11:30 am when the leader of Agbekoya is coming with his boys singing joyfully and culturally and got stopped by one of the soldier deployed to guide the Secretariat gate as they were about to enter into the Secretariat for their usual meeting.

He continues further, the Secretariat was fully contains some Yoruba Chiefs in which they were about to attend, one of the Agbekoya boys spoke in a loud voice to the Soldiers that stopped them saying he doesn't have any right to stop their leader which propelled him to slap the Agbekoya boy who wailed at him.

In a twinkling of an eye the boy slapped the soldier in return, the military men cocked their guns and fired him severally without penetrating his body, the bullets went and hit an "okada" rider man it is unbelievable that same bullets does not have effects on him too but just fainted not injured.

According to the Agbekoya leader, Waheed Baba Ijebu is also known as Baba Akekaka stated that the military men have arrested my boys.

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