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Religious Tension Heightens As Thugs Threatened To Burn Down National Christian Centre, Abuja(Video)

As a result of the ongoing incidents across the country, several cases of violence has erupt in different parts of the country. The issue which originally was the Endsars Protesters calling for the ban of Sars Officers across the country as a result of extortion, brutality and in some cases Murder has led to several other issues all around the country. These issues range between ethnic misunderstanding and fights, looting, rape and death in some cases and now has degenerated into an uprising religious issue.

Nigerians in the past few weeks have experienced sad and depressing events which led to loss of lives as a result of fighting for their rights from being trampled upon. In the new cases of division by miscreants in the society, different strategies have been implemented to cause division among protesters and the citizens at large. 

Below is a video confirming the authenticity of this news.

This threat has put fear in the minds of Christians especially confusion towards going to church as they do not want to be attacked by these thugs. 

We hope for a Better NIGERIA in Freedom, Peace And Unity. God bless NIGERIA.

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