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Remember The Girl With Too Much Hairs On Her Face, See How She Looks After Shaving

Thanks to the Advent of the internet, we can discover the whole world by just staying at a corner and using our phones. When you make enquires, you will find out that we have different kinds of human beings that exists.

Over the world there are special individuals, some have unique features that are just amazing and beautiful. Some have blue eyes, green eyes, hairy skin, long hair, White hair and many more.

Supatra Sasuphan who is also called Natty by her family is one of those special people, she was born on August 5 1999,. currently 21 years old. When she was brought into this world, her parents were happy until they saw what she actually looked like.

She was born with excess hairs covering her whole body, it was not a great sight to see, her mum cried on seeing her. Imagine your baby looking like a wolf, it is just heart breaking when you think about the bullying she would go through.

According to the doctors, she has were wolf syndrome, this is also called Ambras syndrome, it makes hairs grow more than normal. This condition doesn't have any cure yet, there are just special creams for it to control the growing a bit.

Imagine being mocked in school and called Were wolf, she was bullied in school also but that didn't stop her from growing. She fell in love with her best friend, after that she decided to shave her facial hairs. See her pictures below:

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