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See The Expensive Birthday Gifts A 22yr Old Lady Got From Her Man That People Are Talking About

A certain "Didi" has been trending on social media after a 22 year old lady left people gushing on Twitter as she shared the numerous expensive gifts that she received from her boyfriend on her 22nd birthday.

The lady who is known as Edidiong Asikpo with the Twitter username @Didicodes was left stunned when she walked into a room and saw expensive gifts lying all over the room to mark her 22nd birthday. She later realized that the gifts were from her "man".

To be able to capture the numerous number of gifts, Didi made a thread on Twitter where she captured the different gifts one after the other, leaving people asking "God when?" as they could not fathom how anyone would be so lucky as to receive such number of gifts.

First of all, the room was elegantly decorated with roses which spelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY, then there was a painting of Didi herself on the bed and an expensive Apple MacBook laptop lying on the bed.

There were also too many chocolates, a lot of expensive designer clothes in designer shopping bags. A giant cake carved in the shape of "22" awaited her on the side. Just as there was another cake built with just 1,000 naira notes and 500 naira notes amounting to at least 200,000 naira.

Among her birthday gifts, the lady boasted that she had to spend the night at the luxurious Landmark Hotel, this among the numerous cards she received and a trip to the Maldives with the man who brought the gifts.

A ticket for a trip to the Maldives

Birthday cake

Expensive chocolates So many people are currently talking about the gifts with a lot of them questioning how any man would spend so much just to please a lady who is just his girlfriend and not his wife.

Others could not help but pray to God to be as rich as Didi's man so that they can be able to do the same for their girlfriends.

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