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See Laycon’s reaction as Nengi and Vee refused to reply his DM

The friendship is looking good and solid day by day as Nengi, Vee and Laycon are having their best life presently. A few minutes ago Laycon challenged Vee and Nengi for not replying to his direct messages he sent the two friends and he asked them to go to their dm to reply to him. What led to these accusations was when Nengi and Vee were catching cruise on the internet, Twitter to be precise.

Vee was replying to one of Nengi’s tweets and asked her when are they going to have their photoshoot because she has missed her, then Nengi told her that’s it’s over to her to decide. 

Vee now told her to come down to Lagos so they can have the shoot, this reply made Nengi ask Vee why she was asking for a photoshoot before when she knew that she’s not in Lagos. 

Jokingly, Vee now called her Olodo(empty head) then Nengi replied with ode I love you, and Vee now replied with love you too.

It’s as if they have left out Laycon, as he was busy waiting for them in their dm, so he replied the two ladies to reply to him and stop their childish play.

This reaction has made Nigerians especially the fans of the Trio to feel happier, as it is looking as if they are still together and stronger.

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