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See a thug caught on camera wearing a police uniform after a police station was burnt down

Thugs have taken over the once peaceful protest. They go about destroying properties and stealing things. Several police stations across the country have been burnt down. One of the recent police stations that was burnt down was the Oyigbo police station in Port Harcourt, River state. 

After the police station was burnt down, you could see one of the thugs putting on a police uniform which he probably got during the attack on the police station. He was being hailed and called the new DPO. 

This might look funny but it is a sad thing. No matter what, it is very bad for one to burn down a government property and to also wear a uniform of the police when he/she is not a police and have no authorisation to do so. This is just ignorance. And he even allowed himself to be captured on camera.

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