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See What Armed Soldiers Did To A Police Man When They Caught Him Collecting Bribe From Motorists

A cop fell into genuine difficulty today when he was discovered in the act gathering pay off from drivers. This official and two of his partners were positioned in the street yet the two of his associates were gathering pay off, it was this official that was planning drivers as they passed. Then, he stumbled into difficulty with equipped officers when he was gathering cash from an Okada man, the troopers were passing in their van and they chose to stop to perceive what was happening. 

After a genuine of inquiries, the furnished warriors found that this official have been gathering cash from travelers throughout recent weeks, they questioned him and asked him for what reason he is continually gathering cash from travelers, the main thing this official could state was "grieved". It didn't end there, he was taking a gander at the troopers in any case and this didn't go down well with one of the warriors, the fighter hurried to him and began pouring slaps on him, the official attempted to run yet the officer pursued him while kicking him from behind. 

The trooper positioned his firearm and nearly fired him from behind however he limited himself. The Soldiers likewise restored the cash that the Police Man gathered from the okada rider. 

You can watch the video below:

Watch Second Video Below:

I think this is the thing that fighters should to do to cops that have practical experience in group peoples hard brought in cash. What do you think?

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