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See What He Said About Buhari That Got People Talking

Nigerians are not happy with the way things are turning out to be in the country. At first, it was the people's wish to carry out a peaceful protest that could halt the harassment from the police and the constant killing of the Nigerian citizens by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). 

I think the youths never meant any harm during the protest, despite being killed by the same officers that could have protected them from the hands of criminals.

As we all know, the protest is now being bypass by some hoodlums who are now causing havoc in the country, destroying people's cars, houses and even attacking the police station. All these are going and the government is watching.

Despite all this killing, some persons are still hopeful to hear the presidency speak and see how things will be corrected or better still meeting to the demands of the people, nothing is being said.

As a result of that, seeing the way things are getting worst, now prompted one of the Nigerian musicians by Tekno to write about the quietness of the president concerning the problem that is going on in the country.

Tekno took to his tweeter page to say... "Can we at least see our president? The way we see him flying to other countries for things that don't matter to his Nation. Please do a press conference just so we know".

This statement could turn into a trouble zone if care is not taken. Most people are afraid to speak except a few that could speak out their minds.

He could be making a point, but who knows? He is the president, I think he knows what he is doing. But I fear that putting things in order should not be when things have getting deteriorated.

I think for a young boy like Tekno to say this with guts, it shows that there is something he must have seen that could be more dangerous if the needful is still kept pending.

Some of his fans and followers on tweeter quickly reacted to his tweets as follows...

What is your opinion in this regard?

Do you think what Tekno said was the fact?

Do you think if the presidency addresses the youths it will make any difference?

Please let's have your thought on the above questions, thanks.

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