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See what people did to the throne, shoe, staff and swimming pool of the King of Lagos

We already know that the King of Lagos suffered losses in terms of properties and more videos of what happened inside are showing up.

These things weren't supposed to happen actually, it was supposed to be peaceful but it has escalated into violence and anger. The EndSARS movement started peacefully and even though the people were angry about the killings by police officers, they were peaceful and having fun on protest grounds.

The King of Lagos had his palace looted, the staff of authority was taken away, his shoe was allegedly taken away. The palace was raided by people and it was just sad to see.

Videos are popping up concerning many things that happened inside the palace, the throne was actually destroyed, people standing on his seat and if the king happens to come back, he will be needing a new throne definitely.

The swimming pool had the people swim in it. The royal swimming pool experienced the people who came into the palace swim in it.

You could hear people saying, swim today because you may not be able to come into this place ever again, he also said, "we are enjoying the swimming pool, no wahala."

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