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See what this man was caught doing with these two ladies that got people talking

It is seen that marriages that involves more than one wife hardly last long for different reasons. Most of them pretend to be happy outside but sad inside. It is normal that a man should not marry more than one wife, but we are in the world where people chooses to live their lives the way they want it no matter the advices given to them.

In the case here, a polygamous 38 years old Kelvin Wesley and his two wives shared postos of them which was seen on facebook which got people talking. Kelvin Wesley claimed he his happily married with two wives. Even from the beautiful photos from them, with facial expression, we can see the happiness. But like I said "many pretend to be happy outside and sad inside". 

They are different reactions from different people who are seeing the case of Wesley in a different way. Off course we think differently. Some are saying there is love within them, some are also saying they can never go into such that it is very wrong and polygamous marriage doesn't last long. See photos of Wesley and his wives.

See some comment reactions on facebook below

Well I'm here to get your own opinion. What are your thoughts?. Are they living well? Is it Right to marry more than one wife?

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